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Virtual Reality Training System: Workplace VR Courses

Transforming your workplace courses into virtual reality ones has never been easier

Using modern technologies you can now create immersive content that is viewable on both web browsers and virtual reality devices such as the Samsung Gear VR headset, HTC Vive and more.

What kind of virtual learning content can you create?

360 Panoramics are the easiest virtual content to start with for enhancing your learning and training content. 360 videos are also easy to create and they enable users to look around and engage your video content while the video plays. The viewer can now feel like they are a part of the experience and explore it rather then just watching it.

Enhance existing content with immersive 360 views that your users can explore
Users can engage 360 videos and move around the experience
Create virtual workplace content and immersive workplace inductions
Easy to create and publish
Perfect for Samsung Gear VR, HTC Vive

Users don't have a virtual reality headset? no problems! play VR content on your we browser:

Using our exclusive players, your VR content can be played on both the web and viewed by VR headsets.

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