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Health and Safety Inductions

There are new Work Health and Safety laws that introduce new requirements around exercising due diligence (including managing incidents more effectively), protecting the safety of our contractors, and increased penalties for breaching the legislation, including fines and jail sentences. Some of the new codes of practice cover areas such as:

Never before has it been so important to stay on top of driving these initiatives and that's where having an online way of managing them makes life much easier and allows for improved and streamlined management of these areas.

Deliver your Health and Safety Inductions to your employees, contractors and visitors online creating a consistant message, centralise your Health and Safety materials, documentation and training

Online Safety Induction

  • Collate all your material into a central portal

  • A dedicated resource for Online Inductions

  • As easy to use as Word or sending emails

    Publish important health and safety content, company policies and procedures, checklists, handbooks and many other Health and Safety focused items and ensure that employees, contractors and visitors have read and understood this material.

    An Online Induction lets you have all this easily in place whilst electronically recording and testing that the inductee has read and understood the content as well.

    Ensure the ongoing compliance of your staff on important Health and Safety protocols.

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