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Modern Online Training Software to Create Your Own Online Induction Training Courses, new starter elearning courses, employee refresher training and more

The induction is the first and best opportunity to deliver training courses to your staff, contractors, visitors and more and combined with refresher training and skills based, department or role based training, our online training software gives you the full comprehensive training capability for your organisation.

With our online training software you can provide a full overview of your business, vision, safety and compliance requirements for your new staff members or contractors.

Assign training courses based on job roles, departments, skills, work sites or specific training needs.

Easy to use software for publishing as many training courses as you require to your role specific groups.

Role based, Skill based or Department based Online Training Software

Create contractor training courses
Create employee training courses
Create a visitor training courses
Create site specific training courses
Create role specific training courses
Choose from our library of training course templates
Certicate of completion
Document Library

Mobile App: Modern, Engaging Online Training

Deliver all your training via mobile apps on phones and tablets for truly real-time, engaging training for your staff and employees.

Establish a training and compliance management center that you can include within your organisation, creating an engaging employee focused culture.

Different Course Content Formats

Automatically Convert Existing Powerpoint, Videos, Word Documents and more into an Online Induction

We support all document formats

Upload existing material to create your own induction courses.

Add sound, text images, video and more to your induction training courses.

Test the knowledge of inductees with an online assessment for each course.

Add check lists for different induction types.

Automatic training reminders.

Refresher Training with Reminders

It's critical that training remain up to date. Automatically generate reminders to employees on when training is due for renewal, automatically schedule them in for doing their online training, assign refresher training topics and automatically generate reminders for when they don't action or complete assigned training courses.

See how our online training software can work for your organisation by looking at the online demo via the form above or - Contact Us

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