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Set Up New Employee Onboarding Online and on the App store!

Transform your onboarding process into an online one and an app store one with a dedicated branded onboarding system where you can easily train and assess your new hires on important safety, organisational material and any other organisational learning courses you need them to do.

Collect important information online from new hires, present your organisation courses, check lists, assessments, videos and much more all online and mobile devices.

Create New Hire courses
Specifc for mobile devices
Create custom onboarding courses
Create online interactive assessments
Capture training materials
Collect HR information online
Create site specific courses
Create job role specific courses
Choose from our library of templates
Create check lists and document libraries

Why is onboarding important?

A lot of information needs to be communicated to new hires and its easy for this to be skipped, lost, not understood and not consistently done. Important policies, safety information, competency checks, compliance checks and gathering required details from new hires are all typically done in a time consuming manual fashion or even not at all!

How much time does it really save to do it online?

Think about how much time is spent sending new starter paperwork to a new employee, receiving it back to process, talking them through the workplace, getting them to understand both the culture and their role, the organisation and most important of all, ensuring they understand important policies and have signed off that they acknowledge them in the event something goes wrong? That entire process can be completely automated and you maintain a digital record of every part of it.

Online before they start the job

It makes sense to drive these introduction processes online and before the new hire starts their role. You'll have faith they are doing a conistent onboarding process and the ability to track, report and manage all the users and materials.

Automatically Convert Existing Powerpoint, Videos, Word Documents and more into an Online Onboarding Program

We support all document formats, its never been easier to upload your existing content and see it transform into an online format where everyone can progress through it no matter where they are.

We can provide you with a library of existing onboarding material for you to customise and edit for your purposes.

Automatic reminders for refresher onboarding updates and track that users have read import emails.

Test the knowledge of inductees with an online assessment for each course.

Add check lists for different induction types.

Add voice overs to your content. - The home page on the Internet for all things onboarding related.

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