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What is an Orientation?

An orientation is a new starter engagement workflow that typically applies to new staff, contractors, students or volunteers before they start in an organisation. It involves running through areas such as a site tour, becoming familiar with staff and locations, policies and procedures as well as any other important organisation requirements.

Many organisations will run an orientation on the first day of work but this might be a mix of online and face to face activities. An Online orientation is typically made up of a series of steps consisting of collecting information from the new starter, presenting orientation topics to them for viewing, check lists, documents to download and even an assessment with a certificate of completion. A face to face orientation might include a site tour with instructions around different locations.

Orientations are an excellent medium for conveying important safety materials to new staff, contractors, students and volunteers.

A refresher orientation might be done annually to make sure that new and existing orientation material is understood by existing staff and other orgnisation role types. Orientations might also be role based where a manager orientation, volunteer orientation, casual staff orientation or subcontractor orientation is created to run through important new starter topics just for those specific roles versus organisation wide orientations.

Common Orientation Topics

Commonly in an orientation you will find topics around:

- New starter welcome
- Safety orientation
- Policies and procedures
- Workplace tour
- Meet the team
- Departments overview
- How to guide
- Important contacts

How an orientation is typically delivered

The most common way to deliver an orientation is online so that you can deliver a consistent orientation and easily distribute it remotely to your workforce. Today's modern workforce is also highly connected via mobile devices and tablets and so delivering your orientation on mobile / tablet is a critical way to bring a high impact, engaging orientation experience to your workforce.

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