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Published 21/10/2021

Online Induction Training: Guide, Tips and Setup

It's important that all staff types engaged to work with your organisation have completed their induction training before they commence their job task or activity. From new employees through to contractors, subcontractors, visitors and volunteers, each role should be appropriately inducted. The induction training should cover safety, policies, procedures (commonly HR, company culture, safety, risks, hazards) and properly prepare the new starter or contractor for their first day on site. Commonly, induction training is also done as an annual refresher to all staff and role types to ensure they remain up to date on changing workplaces (new procedures, new risks, new hazards, new policies).

Training your contractors, staff and visitors through their initial induction is the best place to ensure they understand important policies and procedures, safety awareness and any training requirements. This might be part of your overall new employee training plan.

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Induction Training Online

In the old days induction training was done face to face but now thanks to the mass adoption of learning online, all induction training can be delivered online and this enables you to ensure that mass groups of staff, contractors and employees can be inducted in a consistent way online, walking through important induction topics around HR, policies, procedures, safety and more. Gone are the days of classroom induction training sessions. The other benefits of doing it online are to ensure that staff have gone through their induction training BEFORE they start work on site. The moment they step foot through the door on site, they are already inducted!

Common induction training topics and examples you might put online range from:

- Covid Induction Training
- New Employee / new starter induction training
- Contractor induction training
- Visitors Induction
- High risk worker induction training
- Induction training for subcontractors
- Site specific inductions

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There are a lot of different topics to cover during induction training. From fitness for work, role specific courses based on high risk workers through to low/medium risk, safety focused topics, environment, diversity, equality, discrimination, bullying and harassment, specific policies and procedures for working on site and HR topics, induction training can be extensive but it is a critical element for engaging your workforce and ensuring they are job ready for their first day on site and compliant.

Using an online induction platform you can utilise easy to use software for publishing as many induction courses as you require to your inductee groups.

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Create site specific courses
Create user specific courses
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Online Induction offers a industry leading training and compliance management center that you can include within your organisation.

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Annual Induction Training

Induction training isn't just for new employees, it's typically done annually to ensure that all staff and contractors remain up to date with their induction training. Things change in the workplace, new sites are developed, new hazards, new risks, new management, new procedures and many other workplace changes occur across the year. It's critical to make sure that all staff remain up to date on their induction training, commonly every 12 months.

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