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  • Safety
  • Our Clients
  • Online Induction
  • Industries we've worked with
  • See how it works
  • Online Induction Forums
  • Safety
  • Our Clients
  • Online Induction
  • Industries we've worked with
  • See how it works
  • Online Induction Forums

Online Induction Software offers an online induction system for delivering inductions online to employees, contractors or visitors.

An induction system that's entirely personalised to what you want! Don't change your needs to suit the system! One size doesn't fit all. With full support and have interactive content, not just static slides!

Australian made induction software and used by the largest companies, most renowned names - Large and Small all over the world

Used by top listed companies, leading private companies, small and medium business and federal and state government departments, see why so many are improving the induction of contractors, visitors and employees with

Transform your existing induction content into an interactive online one
Use our existing ready to go content and rebrand and edit for yourself
You have control
Site specific inductions or generic organisation wide ones
Create your own learning courses
Assessments the way you want them to work
Ensure inductees are who they say they are (proof and validation)
Contractor, visitor & staff management
Induction certificates or cards
Videos and animation
Capture licenses, certifications and required information
Compliance Reminders and Refresher Training
SCORM and integration with other systems
New customer orientation
Product/service orientation
Voice Over Options

Create an Online Induction For Your Organisation, Site or Project

Online Induction System

Online Hazard Registry

Induction cards & Certificates

Load all your own material and manage for your self

Student Induction - Specialised system for education based inductions

Site specific inductions as well as organisation wide inductions

Contractor Management

Deliver induction content online

Script Writing & Voice Over

Visitor Sign In Induction System

Safety Awareness

Orientation and Onboarding

Conforms to SCORM standards

Online Induction News 26/10/2016

Organisation Culture Starts with an Online Induction
An Online Induction is often the first entry point for a new staff member, contractor or visitor to the organisation they are working with. Make it count and make the most of it. These are the assumptions, values, and beliefs, which govern how people behave in your organisation.

New Online Induction App Update
We just updated our app! More features, more flexibility, more ways to publish your existing induction content without having to re-create it from scratch.

Building On Online Induction Software
More and more we're rolling out the modules and features based on your suggestions! The latest modules range from employee induction specific requirements through to new ways to track visitors and organise your workflows.

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