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Published 23/10/2021

Construction Induction Card Database

Managing construction induction cards can become a burdensome task especially with so many different trades and contractors coming in and out of a construction site. There is also a ton of information attached to an induction card such as licenses and expiry dates, overall compliance of the worker and their company, photo, inductions complete, time on and off site, what inductions they completed, sites they should gain access to and more.

Using an online construction induction card system allows you to easily create and issue cards, print them to a card printer and ensure only compliant and valid staff receive a card. It's a major jump forward in how you can manage and control site access and issue new cards or manage existing.

View Card Templates, Registries and Examples

Using Induction Cards for Site Access

A common feature of issuing induction cards is to then enable your contractors, subcontractors and other staff to use their induction cards for site access. There's a number of ways this might work, ranging from integrating with your Electronic Sign In System and Visitor Sign in System through to a turnstile site access setup or simple scanning of induction cards for compliance checks and enabling staff to use them to check in and out on site.

When you feature a QR code on an induction card, you can scan the card to bring up a compliance check on the contractor / staff member to make sure they are up to date with their inductions, have done the right type of inductions and hold correct licenses and training in order to work on site.

Try creating a construction induction card or look at our templates and card manager tool right here:

Online Database of Construction Cards

A centralised online list of everyone who should gain access to your construction site, who they are, what company they are from, what inductions they have done, their compliance status, a full profile on the user.

For each user, the ability to generate their induction card, issued directly to them or you can print onto a card printing machine.

Generate induction cards for construction workers
Centrally manage all construction workers in a single database
Manage licenses and certifications
Secure online database
Highly customisable specific to your site
Manage site access
Create multiple sites
Limit access for different construction sites
Block entire companies
Manage different construction site inductions

Manage Multiple Construction Sites

Moving from one site to the next, what materials are needed to be collected and verified that are site specific and needed for a different work site?

Manage Construction Trades and Contractors

Setup different workflows and rules for different trades and contractor types. From maintenance contractors through to plumbing, electrical and trades of all types. Generate cards specific to trades and works to be completed on site.

Manage Construction Risks

Manage different levels of risk from High Risk Construction Tasks, Extreme or High Risk Tasks or Medium / Low Risk Tasks.

Issue cards based on risk level for works to be undertaken on site

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