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An employee online induction is very common for all organisation types from small offices through to large corporate and government sectors.

Research has shown the importance of training in a work place when starting as a new employee is evidently imperative. But beyond education, knowing who to speak to and where to get help as a new employee is also an important part of starting in a new role. Nicholson highlights a quote which shows the difference between an employee who had been inducted and one who hadn't.

Research has shown inductees feel at ease, knew who to seek help from and what they were doing. The non inductee had demonstrated poor anger management, lack of communication and a high level of mistakes which all could have been avoided from an induction process.

Setting up your employee induction online is a great way to setup the following for your inductees to complete and progress through in a clear and streamlined format.

Your site specific content

Collect important HR information

3D Animation of content

Online questionnaire to test their knowledge

Induct on important organisational issues and topics, policies and procedures

Dedicated site specific Online Induction portal

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