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Published 05/11/2023

What is a Risk Assessment Method Statement (RAMS) and how to write one

Risk Assessment Method Statements (RAMS) are an important part of project management in any industry. They provide a systematic way to identify, evaluate, and measure potential risks associated with the successful completion of a project. In this article we'll explain what Risk Assessment Method Statements are, how they can help you manage your project better, and how to write one yourself.

Effective risk assessment is essential for successful projects. By identifying all the potential hazards and issues at hand before starting work on a project you can avoid unexpected difficulties down the line that could potentially delay or even derail it altogether. Creating RAMS protects everyone involved from harm by addressing matters related to health & safety and other key areas of concern which must be taken into account when performing certain tasks or activities during the course of work on any venture.

RAMS involve analysts reviewing every element of a job right down to details such as materials used in construction processes or software set up in IT projects for example - risk factors applicable across each sector will vary but being aware of them all helps minimise danger overall as well as ensuring deadlines are met with maximum efficiency according to quality standards required.

A RAM should include elements like proof that addresses have been assessed legally; review pertinent information about those completing tasks compliantly; analyse environment criteria necessary; gain written confirmation from workers relating health & safety requirements plus anything else agreed upon during initial planning stages. This allows managers responsible to sign off once regulations deemed sufficient inspected properly using best-practice methods prior planned delivery date too so everything goes accordingly .

Constructing these documents correctly requires careful planning - not least because legal ramifications may result if any aspect within doesn't meet expected professional guidelines set out where working conditions adversely impacted due errors/omissions previously undetected considered negligent leading court cases against liability.

A Risk Assessment Method Statement (RAMS) is a professional health and safety document that identifies potential hazards and provides instructions on how to carry out a job or function safely. It outlines the hazards related to a specific work task and the planned control measures to mitigate those hazards, reducing the risk involved.

RAMS is primarily used in construction and high-risk industries, but any business can use them to reduce workplace incidents.

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How to write a RAMS document:

- Describe the task or job activity: description of the job or function to be carried out.

- Describe the potential hazards: the risks and hazards associated with this job must be discovered. Include everything from typical daily risks to less probable risks that could still be potentially hazardous.

- Who is at risk: who might be at risk, which could include employees, visitors, the public, or different groups of people who might be vulnerable such as the general public

- Assessing the risk: It's important to determine the level of risk associated with each hazard. This includes likelihood of occurrence and severity of harm.

- Implement control measures: Based on the risk assessed, effective control measures should be developed and implemented to neutralize or minimize the risks. Remember, the goal is to make the activity as safe as possible.

- Communicate: The RAMS must be communicated to all those who are at risk. Everyone involved should understand it completely.

- Periodically review and update if necessary: As work environments change, the RAMS should be reviewed and updated to suit new conditions or in response to an incident.

- Document Everything: All the steps taken, from risk assessment to the applied control measures, should be documented properly for future references.

Writing a RAMS involves predicting the accidents that could occur and the harm they could cause, then deciding on measures to prevent or control the accidents. It requires input from everyone involved, including management and workers, and should be part of the organization's broader health and safety policies and procedures.

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