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Why track Contractor Performance in the worplace?

Why is it important to do an evaluation of your contractors and the performance of their staff?

Contractors are an important part of your workplace management responsibilities. Cleaners, maintenance workers, gardners, construction works, IT contractors, installers, security.... the list goes on. Each of these role types represent regular workers in your work place that are subject to your management policies, procedures, safety guidelines, company culture and more.

Their performance in your workplace can reflect your performance as a company

So what can you do? What checks can you establish to measure and analyse the performance of your contractors to ensure their ongoing engagement and involvement with your workplace is not detrimental to your business operations?

Common performance checks include:

Assess references
Measure their quality standards
Measure their quality record
Evaluate the contractors performance over the last 12 months
Measure their track record on safety
Rating system
Measure the performance of the contractors staff
Evaluate if you wish to engage this contractor

These are just some of many checks you can put in place to improve and evaluate your contractor performance and ensure your are engaging contractors that are on the same page as you when it comes to quality, risks, safety and compliance.

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