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Creating a COVID19 Questionnaire for Visitors

A Health and Safety COVID19 questionnaire for visitors is an excellent tool to capture and track symptoms and history around COVID19. There are a number of different use cases for where a questionnaire tool like this could be applied. The first might be a prescreening style questionnaire which is focused on checking the current health status of an employee when they arrive on site or in a workplace. The questions geared around asking about their current health and any flu like symptoms or if they are a confirmed contact of a current COVID19 case. This could help identify any red flags and prevent further spread of the virus in the workplace should an infected or suspected infected person enter. This might be delivered as part of a sign in process when the visitor arrives on site at the workplace. Another style of health and safety COVID19 questionnaire is about before they arrive on site, it might be completed by the visitor ahead of them arriving in the workplace so they have completed it in advance.

Looking to create an COVID19 Questionnaire for Visitors?

Example Questions for a Visitor COVID19 Questionnaire

Here are some example questions you might ask a visitor in a COVID19 Questionnaire:

- Have you travelled internationally or domestically to a COVID19 hotspot area in the last 14 days
- Have you or someone you have been in contact with been diagnosed with COVID-19
- Are you or someone you have been in contact with currently waiting on the results of a pending COVID-19 test?
- Are you or anyone in your immediate household experiencing any of the following symptoms: fever, soar throat, loss of taste, coughing

The goal is to try and prescreen the visitors COVID19 history and health status on or before arrival (or both!).

Using a system to do this and issue notifications if something is wrong

The next part is setting up a visitor questionnaire for COVID19 that blocks the sign in and notifies management that something is wrong based on the responses from the visitor to the questionnaire.

- if they answer a question with a response that is concerning, trigger a notification to management
- block the sign in with an alert that they should not proceed further on site
- trigger specific actions automatically

Track all sign ins combined with a Visitor COVID19 Questionnaire

It's important to show you have captured these responses and checks from visitors when they sign in and out on site.

- set up different ways to sign in, from QR code contactless sign in with COVID19 questionnaire prompt through to using a tablet or app to sign in
- capture and record responses each time they visit the site daily
- registry of all visitor COVID19 questionnaire response

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