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What Makes a Good Employee Induction?

The employee induction is a process for welcoming new employees into the organisation and preparing them for their new roles. Generally, it's integrating the new employees into the organisation, orientation, and introducing them to the workplace culture and getting to connect them to the team in the organisation.

It involves getting employees acquainted with the organisation, assisting them to settle in, and showing them all the necessary information to be valuable team members. Induction is a serious process that should be properly planned before the recruit joins the existing workforce.

What to include in an effective employee induction?

An effective induction program makes sure that employees contribute efficiently to the team. To set up your new employees for success, you need to have a smooth induction process, which elevates their satisfaction and drops turnover rates. Most worker inductions involve safety training, compliance requirements, and various documentations (see more on an employee induction checklist).

Here are some of the things to include in a typical employee induction:

- A basic introduction to the organisation and how the employee's department fits in
- Introduction to the key staff members and the terms and conditions of the job e.g., how to develop expense claims, holiday entitlement, etc
- Job descriptions like title, responsibilities, and roles; training of specific job role
- Employee handbook
- A guided tour of the whole organisation
- Work schedule or roster
- The legal requirements such as health and safety training
- Regulatory requirements such filling out all the necessary forms.
- Payroll details
- Introduction to team members

Some of these areas might form part of an overall online induction pack or employee induction handbook. Great inductions are known to focus on the new worker's experience but not just compliance only. Hiring the right employees is sometimes a bit of a headache, but it's just beginning your journey with the recruits.

What outcomes and impacts can a good employee induction have on new starters?

Inductions are informative and part of an organisation's knowledge management process. They are typically intended to enable starters to become integrated and useful team members instead of getting to work without even understanding how to go about their job or how their role fits in with the entire organisation.

- New employees feel welcomed to the organisation's team and the overall workplace.
- They gain a positive feeling towards their future in the organisation.
- Starters become productive very quickly.
- It gives the employees confidence that they can accomplish their tasks successfully.
- Inductions enable the new recruits to familiarize themselves with the organisation's policies and objectives.

It's very important to assign an existing worker to every new starter to mentor and make them feel welcomed in the process. With the well-designed induction plan, the new starters' competency will significantly increase, which means their productivity will go up within the shortest time possible.

Positive impacts of a good employee induction

A good employee induction tends to be beneficial to both the organisation and the worker. The new worker feels welcomed, appreciated, settled, and happier. These make them stay and are less likely to search for jobs in other organisations. On the other hand, recruitment programs are normally costly and time-consuming, so every employer wants new recruits to contribute to the organisation soon after joining their team.

- It enhances a positive culture in the organisation as the employee's confidence and contribution to the wider team morale is boosted when they feel supported and listened to. - Induction facilitates the effectiveness and efficiency of an employee in their roles. With the right training and knowledge, they quickly start contributing to the whole organisation as soon as possible. - Save on time and resources. There is no possibility of having to begin the recruitment process all over again. Also, many organisations have realized that there's a high cost of not training recruits than the cost of training them. - The better an induction program is, the higher the productivity and the lower the rate of employee turnover in the organisation

Finally, failure to conduct good employee induction increases the rates of losing new employees. A good induction is always an opportunity for the organisation to sell itself to the new workers easily. As the employees get happier in the process, the productivity of the firm is likely to be greatly boosted. When properly carried out, employee induction enhances the retention rates of workers and reduces the time taken by a new worker to settle down in the new workplace.

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