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Published 13/05/2024

Induction Plan: Guide, Setup and Templates

New employees usually need to be introduced to the company and oriented to understand the company's processes, culture, and ethics. For the process to be effective, an induction template is established and given to the new hires, where they fill with the assistance of line managers.

An induction plan is a process of welcoming the new employees from the first day of work to six months. The induction plan integrates new hires, and they find it easy to adapt to the company environment. This might include elements such as a induction checklist and a safety induction after initial induction training.

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Components of an Induction Plan

The first part is identifying which induction types to have in place. Common ones include: , contractor inductions (part of a contractor management system), employee inductions and visitor inductions.

From there, building the induction might consists of:

- Contact information

Employing new staff requires the exchange of personal information for trust. During induction, employees fill their information in the induction template, which includes; name, beneficiaries, hometown, emergency number, bank details, and references.

- Agreement

The agreement is the beginning of building trust between the employer and the employee. In the agreement, employee working welfare, safety, and health, payment details, consequences of contract termination, and compensation should be addressed. When the employees sign the induction template, they agree to the terms and conditions of employment.

- External and internal environment

Guess how work will be without knowing nearby restaurants, car wash, parking, hospitals, and administration offices. New hires need to be introduced to the internal and external environment to ease work strains. The line managers are in charge of introducing the recruits to the environments, and it is clearly stated in the induction template.

- Business plan and strategies

New employees have no clue of the company's history and informing them of previous projects, and the means used to accomplish the projects is crucial. The knowledge will aid in planning on how to tackle the assigned projects to meet the required target.

- Schedule

A schedule helps in assigning new employees duties, time management and keeps them focused. Schedule reduces time wastage, and the right things are done at the right time.

- Health and safety

Working in a safe and secure environment is the joy of every employee. Employees will deliver when they are assured of their safety while on duty and compensation of the same when accidents occur.

These areas might contribute directly to how you manage and implement your performance appraisal system for an employee.

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The Induction Process

New hires are prepared from day one to six months, and feedback is given. Not all new hires will find it easy to adapt to the new working environment, thus varying responses.

1. Day one

The new hires are welcomed warmly by the management and introduced to the existing team. They share breakfast, greet, and everyone introduces themselves. They are given badges and other formal documents to fill. The human resource manager explains the job description and the company's expectations. Day one is usually an open meeting for expressing personal views. The new hires are assured that they are in the company to stay. They are allocated buddies to guide them through the workplace.

2. Day two to five

New hires are taken through the company premises by their buddies, introduced to the duties, and shown how to execute them. Training team plans for training on day two.

3. Week one to three

Employees at three weeks old are introduced fully to their roles and are allowed to work independently.

4. First to the second month

The new employees become conversant with the workplace, their roles, and systems. They become responsible for their activities, and the training team reduces inspection time. The training team visits them once in a while to get feedback and write a report.

5. Up to six months

The company can rely on the employees for decision-making, measure their output for possible promotions, and determine their conduct. The employees become performers and work without consultation. Through the assistance of the training team, the new hires sign probation after the buddies and training team give their testimonies.

6. Evaluate the induction process

When the induction is over, go back to the employees and request feedback. Let each employee give their views freely without intimidation. Since you will receive varying answers, use them to rectify the plan.

An induction plan is the best tool for welcoming new hires to the company. It is a requirement for all organizations to draft and implement one. Induction helps employees take the shortest time to adapt to the working environment.

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