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Why have a Mobile Learning Software Platform?

Mobile learning software usually enhances access to various learning platforms on your portable devices. With billions of people worldwide using mobile devices, m-learning will continue to gain momentum in the long run and significantly revolutionize the e-learning industry. All organizations, from businesses to learning institutions, utilize mobile learning platforms to make learning more effective and fun.

You can take your learning, training, and development further just with software specifically designed as a mobile learning system. All that's required is a mobile app and LMS (popularly called the learning management solution).

Many employees nowadays spend most of their time on their mobile phones than the workplace computers. Forward-thinking organizations are aware of this trend and are continually looking for mobile learning platforms that correspond to this behavior change.

Mobile Learning Benefits

The primary benefits of mobile learning software platforms to employees and organizations include:

- Flexibility: mobile learners can access all the learning materials at any time and anywhere.
- Mobile learning offers better engagement, enhancing the completion rates as it's usually structured with interactive media content like videos, podcasts, and images.
- Employees in the workplace tend to work as a team, and it's essential that they also learn as a team. This enhances collaboration and cohesiveness just from the training phase.
- The bite sized content offered through mobile learning helps retain the learners, even those with short attention spans.
- Learners stay updated every time by integrating calendars to the mobile learning platform that pops up the reminders of the ongoing course.

A mobile learning platform is a critical learning management solution in our current fast paced world and work-life that requires learning methods with similar speed. Remote working has been on the rise from the previous year, and it became a norm to provide both workers and students with just-in-time training. Mobile learning right now has undeniable benefits, and it not only makes learning flexible but it also makes it more readily available.

This approach goes hand in hand with microlearning. It enables you to deliver bites of your content which your team can easily access. For instance, you can empower your teams to learn a particular skill on the job or help them in improving soft skills such as better interaction with customers. Traditional learning courses take months to develop, while mobile learning courses can be designed in just a few days with the rapid authoring tool. Also, the courses can be done significantly faster and efficiently on mobile. Updating old courses with the latest information can be completed within minutes, as there is no scripting, coding, or any other complex experience is required.

Authoring Tips For Mobile Courses

Gone are the days of suffering old and outdated case studies. It is currently possible to update your team with new content as soon as it's available or update the old information with a rapid authoring tool. Your team will always be armed and ever ready with everything they need to know anytime they need to know it. Here are some noteworthy tips to consider when developing the course for your mobile learners:

- Make your graphics simple and avoid images that lack quality on mobile devices. If they are unavoidable, try using PDF files to upload them or use image editing tools to optimize your images.
- Use a single column design where users tend to scroll up and down when accessing the information on mobile devices. So, pages with several columns make learning a challenge for them. Put everything in one column instead of adding content tables and sidebars in separate columns.
- Put flexibility into consideration-Make sure your layout design is responsive and can be accessed on different device screens without any hassle.
- Consider section breaks that ensure that the learner reads every course section. They also minimize the rate at which learners tend to scroll over the critical sections. You can add some colorful and relevant charts and infographics to break up the content.
- Test it before launching, don't launch the content until you're sure that it's compatible with every device at the learners' disposal. The e-learning content must be compatible even with those devices with the least width.

Employees can simply become learners from day one of the onboarding processes. Generally, they can learn who to contact and where to go before their first day at the workplace. In addition, they can also reflect on their work on their way home with a quick booster lesson.

Ongoing and experienced workers can benefit too through mobile learning content that covers the latest policies, products, and procedures that keep them updated on the current market trends.

There are many mobile learning platforms in the market today. It's recommended that you choose the one that suits your organization based on your requirements, company size, and customer reviews from the recent users of the platform.

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