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What is the difference between Induction and Training

When discussing a new online induction system with clients I often find myself having to define the difference between Induction and Training.
Often, companies view the induction as their prime training system and try to cram everything in within the induction process.
In simple terms the difference between induction and training is this:
Induction is to give you the introductory knowledge to start work, training is to get you better at it.

Induction should include the basics as such:
- Paperwork (onboarding)
- Set the level of expectation in the role
- Cover off on practical issues like Health and Safety
- Cover of on Policies
- Reporting
Inductions should be precise and shorter in time than training.

Training is once someone is employed, provided more in-depth knowledge, skills and competencies:
For Example: in induction a slide maybe provided on Manual Handling. In training; a course would be provided on the same subject.
Training is more in-depth, ongoing, scheduled and performance managed.

We have separate system our Induction system; and Work Courses (Learning Management system) that will allow you to target each separately but as systems be links so the information gain for each is integrated.

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