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Published 13/05/2024

Contractor Induction Checklist

This template is a contractor induction checklist that you would commonly include as part of the contractor induction (for contractors and subcontractors). The goal of this is to ensure that contractors understand and acknowledge important safety policies and procedures before they arrive on site and begin their job task or activity.

This check list might be part of annual re-inductions for contractors too. It's a great way to present relevant contractor policies and procedures that you need to ensure all contractors and subcontractors progress through, read, acknowledge and even sign off against digitally online. You might include one as part of your contractor management system, contractor induction and contractor prequalification process.

Using an online checklist you can record which contractors have acknowledged the check list policies and procedures, when, from which company and exactly what they have viewed. Try creating one right here.

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When would you use a Contractor Induction Checklist?

This checklist is commonly used for engaging new contractors and subcontractors to a workplace or site as part of their Contractor Induction and often consists of important safety policies, procedures and acknowledgements as part of ensuring a contractor or subcontractor is prepared for their job task or activity on site and covering important safety and compliance checks.

Having an induction checklist in place also makes sure that all relevant information and paperwork is kept up to date for every contractor/subcontractor. This includes things like emergency contact information and any certifications, licences or qualifications they might need to do their job properly. Having all of this information in one place not only helps ensure compliance but makes it easier to access this important data if ever needed in the future.

Having a contractor induction checklist lets you set out expectations early on in the relationship and make sure everyone involved understands how your company works from the get-go. This will help reduce ambiguity and ensure no one feels lost or excluded from day one which helps promote harmony amongst the team. After all, you want your business to run as smoothly as possible so having a well thought-out contractors induction process will definitely help achieve this goal!

Induction Checklist Template

Example Contractor Induction Checklist
Have read and understood the contractor Health and Safety Policy

Have read and understood the PPE requirements

Have read and understood the Drug and Alcohol Policy

Have a read and understood the Site Emergency Procedures

Have read and understood the Working at Heights policy

Have read and understood the Noise and Hearing Protection

Have read and understood the Injury Management policy

Have read and understood the Forklift Safety procedure

Have read and understood the Electrical Safety procedure

Have read and understood the Fire Extinguisher procedure

Have read and understood the Driver Fatigue procedure

Sample Use Cases

Some example use cases include ensuring contractors and subcontractors have gone through a prestart checklist ensuring they are inducted and aware of important procedures, policies and other safety or site materials before they begin their job task or activity.

An induction checklist might be done by contractors each job site they work at or as part of how they are engaged to work on site in response to a work order. They might complete multiple checklists for multiple inductions and they might even go through one every time they are engaged for high risk work. This might also be delivered as part of your overall contractor management system.

A contractor induction checklist provides an organized, smooth process for introducing new members of your team. By having a clear system in place, it ensures that everyone receives the same level of training and is aware of any existing protocol or processes they should adhere to. It's also an excellent way to ensure all relevant information is provided upfront, from health & safety protocols to emergency contact details. This way, there's no confusion when it comes time for them to start working on projects - everything is in one easy reference document.

It allows you to track progress easily. Whether you're onsite or offsite, you can monitor completion rates quickly and identify areas where more training may be needed. What's more, this type of system helps protect employers against unauthorized workers by requiring contractors to complete their induction before they are allowed onto any site or given access to resources such as shared folders or computers.

A contractor induction checklist offers many advantages from both an efficiency and safety standpoint. From providing clear instructions upfront to tracking progress, this type of system helps maximize productivity while keeping teams safe at all times. With this knowledge in mind, consider implementing a contractor induction checklist today!

Contractor Checklist for Managers or Site Checks

Another use case is for managers or the site to check off that the right things are in place and that the workplace is ready or prepared for the contractor. This might be a manager walk by on the conditions of the site, the location the contractor is going to work in, the forms, procedures or documentation that the contractor needs to provide first before they can start work. They might need to go through a contractor checklist and itemise what items have been provided and verified before the contractor can start working on site.

Some manager contractor checklist tasks might include

- Contractor pre-start check list
- A manager to verify contractor documentation
- A safety walk by

Verify Checklists

It's one thing to check off materials, documentation, activities, procedures or policies but what about verifying them? The verification of these items is important to ensure compliance and match the documentation and materials provided to the working being done and the people doing it. This might range from verification of important safety documentation from contractors in relation to a permit to work or a work order. A contractor induction checklist might involve a two way workflow of collect and check items and materials as part of a contractor performing their job task or activity tied to verification of these materials as well.

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