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Published 14/05/2024

New Employee Induction Checklist

The following template is a common new employee induction checklist. An important acknowledgement that is part of the employee induction for new staff and new employees or existing staff going through a re-induction annually to acknowledge important HR, safety and new starter policies and procedures.

You might use this check list as part of an employee induction or annual re-inductions for staff. Perfect to get acknowledgement and centralise relevant policies and procedures against each check list item for acknowledgement such as the examples listed below for various staff policies and procedures.

Using an online checklist you can record that all new staff have acknowledged the checklist, when, from which department, for which role and what policies and procedures they have viewed. Try creating one right here.

This comprehensive checklist covers all the necessary steps and information that new employees need to know, from completing paperwork to understanding company policies and procedures. By using this checklist, employers can ensure that new employees receive consistent and thorough training, helping them to feel confident and prepared as they begin their new role. From a business perspective, the New Employee Induction Checklist helps to streamline the onboarding process, reducing the risk of errors or oversights and ultimately contributing to higher employee satisfaction and retention.

Where would you use a New Employee Induction Checklist?

This is a checklist commonly used during the new employee onboarding and new starter process. It might be part of their lead up to day 1 job start activities or it might be part of their post day 1 onboarding and induction. It can range from a new starter checklist around preparing for their first day on the job through to making sure they are inducted and acknowledging important policies, procedures, work preparation items and workplace culture building objectives.

New Employee Induction Checklists serve several important purposes in the onboarding process. Firstly, they provide a structured framework for introducing new employees to the organization, its culture, and its expectations. This helps to set clear expectations from the outset and ensures that new hires are aware of what is expected of them. Additionally, the checklist helps to ensure that all necessary administrative tasks are completed in a timely manner, such as setting up IT access and completing required training courses. By following a standardized induction checklist, employers can ensure that no important steps are missed during the onboarding process, which can help to avoid confusion or frustration for both the new employee and their colleagues.

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Example New Employee Induction Checklist
Have read and understood the Equal Opportunity Policy

Have read and understood the Drug and Alcohol Policy

Have read and understood the Emergency Procedures

Have a read and understood the Parking requirements

Have read and understood the Code of Conduct

Have read and understood the Privacy Obligations

Have read and understood the Bullying Harassment policy

Have read and understood the Anti-discrimination policy

Have read and understood the Stress Management procedure

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