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Online Training Platform

An online training platform is a centrepiece for effective ongoing staff development and training. It is a critical tool to ensuring staff remain up to date, are trained on emerging workplace topics and continue to build new skills that help them achieve the best out of their role. A solid online training platform allows you to easily distribute staff learning courses to new staff before they start work as well as ongoing learning and development and refresher training to existing staff across the year. It involves creating easy to engage online courses, assigning to staff based on their skill gaps and required development opportunities so that they can complete online. An online training platform is a centralised course library for all learning courses.

Introducing the future online training platform: a comprehensive full circle staff training platform for assigning courses, eLearning, completing inductions, conducting refresher training, AI based suggested skill gap training and scheduled courses and training matrixes. Comprehensive online training platform and mobile app for creating, uploading, managing and delivering training courses to new and existing staff in your workplace - fast learning, real insights. Modern online training via mobile app on tablets and phones for fast delivery of courses, manage completions, massive library of training content and tools to create and publish your own courses online.

Massive Online Training Platform Course Library

Our library of workplace courses you can use and customise / edit is growing every day. Here's just a sample of the courses you can get access to. Assign them to staff, personalise and edit the content and more.

View the full library here

Have your own content? No need to re-create it again - simply upload it as is and it will convert into an online and mobilie friendly format

Modern Online Training Platform

Mobile App
Create staff training courses
Refresher employee training courses
Deliver visitor training courses before they arrive on site
Site specific training courses
Role specific training courses
Get access to our massive library of ready to go course content
Certicate of completion
Multiple choice questions, interactive picture questions and other assessment types
Schedule and Reminders
Immersive 360 degree virtual content

Training Matrix

Establish an online training matrix for your organisation. Scheduled courses, completed courses, split by role, by type, due, overdue and much more. A matrix allows you to classify your workforce by role, department, competency, export to excel, filter by training type, training course, completed or outstanding courses plus other custom defined course fields.

Split your employees up into departments, roles, filter by training types, see when they are due to expire for certain certifications, licenses, courses and more.

Record external training

One of the best things about our training platform is that you can measure external training, not just the internally created courses you created on the platform. Capture expiry dates, have automated reminders sent when courses are due to be renewed, track progress, skills gaps, suggest courses to users and more.

Supporting different course content formats

Automatically Convert Existing Powerpoint, Videos, Word Documents and more. No need to recreate your content from scratch, simply upload it as is and see it converted into an online format. Supporting a wide range of different content types from third party created courses, HTML5, SCORM, Flash, Powerpoint, Videos, upload away as is!

We support all document formats

Add text, sound, images, record voice overs and much more.

Online tests to assess users on their knowledge, multiple choice, interactive picture questions and much more.

Advanced tracking.

Add check lists for different course types.

Automatic reminders.

Mobile App - Create engaging online training experiences

Deliver your online training via our mobile app or even get your own dedicated and branded one, powered by our online training platform. It's a truly modern and engaging way to deliver and manage your ongoing new staff and employee learning in the workplace.

See how our online training platform can work for your organisations eLearning needs by looking at the online demo

Online Demo
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