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Published 30/01/2024

Daily Signin Sheet: Setup, Guide and Best Design for 2024

A daily sign in sheet is a common tool for tracking staff in and out each day, especially at different sites they work at. This involves tracking their arrival time, exit time and often additional information such as do they have any health issues that could affect the workplace (i.e. COVID contact) through to acknowledgement of procedures or policies if a first time arrival or even notification to someone that they have arrived on site. Doing it electronically enables workers at different job sites to be able to sign in digitally recording their time in and out as opposed to signing in on an old school paper copy approach. A signin sheet is a central place to view all the daily sign in activity as a historical record of who was on site as well as a live registry for who's on site right now (especially in the event of an emergency and who to send an alert to right now).

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The Structure of a Daily Signin Sheet

Different workplaces and organisation types will have varying styles of what information they track but commonly in a sign in sheet you will see these fields being tracked and captured:

Arrival and exit time on site
Which sites checked in to
Number of times in and out today
Who are you visiting
Nature of work being done
Have they been inducted
Prescreening information around health status, COVID19 contact history, COVID19 status and vaccination status
Expected time on site
Have they been on site before
Incident history
Licenses and certifications held

Approaches for a Sign in Sheet

There are a range of common approaches and styles for an electronic sign in sheet. These range from a tablet using an sign in app through to a QR code poster which staff simply scan to sign in and out on site. In this latter example you can generate different QR code posters for each unique site or location, staff scan them to sign in and out and you record the time and attendance per site.

- QR code sign in
- Tablet kiosk style setup where someone goes up to the tablet to sign in and out or scans their existing pass for recurring sign in

Other options might include GEO fencing a workplace through to a turnstile or site access hardware approach.

Try scanning this QR code as an example sign in workflow:

Daily Signin Activity

With a sign in sheet, you can hav a live registry of who is on site right now. This might be colour coded to highlight which ones are on the grounds this very moment and another colour for those that have left. This might have a centralised approach for all sites or a site specific view. From here you can also issue emergency communications to all staff who are currently on site or even calculate the total hours they were on site and for a specific date range.

Integrate into other workflows

Commonly an electronic sign in sheet is a perfect tool to integrate into other workflows such as your Online Induction through to Permit to Work or contractor management system. Workflows here might include status checks on their induction completions through to nature of work checks to see if there is a high risk activity being done on site and if so, ensuring they do a permit to work or contractor management workflow checks such as holding the correct licenses and certifications. An extension of this might even be vaccination tracking for covid19.

Induction status check
Do you need to capture their photo?
Do they need to print a card or sticker?
Cross checking the status of certifications and insurances
What policies and procedures do they need to acknowledge?
Do you need it to alert staff on site that someone has just checked in and are waiting for them?
Do you need to collect emergency contact details?
What is their nature of work? is it high risk? do they need to do a Permit to Work?

Card management

One final area of the sign in sheet might be card management and controlling all site access passes tied to the daily sign in sheet. Cutting off invalid cards, ensuring only active and authorised cards are able to sign in on site and all the relevant tracking associated with this.

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