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Reception Sign In Sheet App: Guest and Visitor Sign in Sheet

Remember the days when you would walk into an office an sign in on a book or be verbally recorded as attending thanks to a receptionist? These days modern workplaces use a Reception Sign In System to check in and out visitors, employees, contractors and staff into the office. Typically done using digital signing in and out apps such as the Work Sign app. How it works is a tablet / iPad stand setup is presented at reception and the visitor digitally records their visit quickly and easily. They may be asked to capture their photo if its their first time visiting, enter in emergency contact details and even nominate who they are visiting. An email or SMS alert might notify that staff member in real-time so that they come and collect the visitor from reception.

Digital Sign In Sheet

An electronic sign in sheet means that its quick and easy to notify all staff and visitors in the event of an emergency or evacuation. Who is currently on site right now? How do we notify everyone immediately of an incident? The old paper based approach falls short in these areas, digital methods allow for instant awareness of what's going on and who is actually here.

Attendance records being digital means there is historical information that can be filtered, reported on and investigated. How many times are certain visitors arriving on site? Who are they visiting? How often and when?

Blocking access is another benefit with a digital sign in sheet. If a specific staff member, contracting company or visitor should be banned from entering the site, you can trigger warnings, awareness and block access when using a digital sign in sheet.

Create impressive welcome experiences

For any new visitor or new starter to a workplace, giving them the best welcome experience is a must. As soon as they walk through the door, the first thing they'll do is sign in using the digital sign in sheet. This is where you can deliver a truly immersive, welcome experience ensuring that the visitor understands everything they need to know about working on site. Important policies and procedures such as safety and HR policies can be acknowledged, a tour of the workplace quickly undertaken and even a short meet the team experience delivered too.

Create your own sign in sheet

If you run a workplace and want to set up a digital sign in sheet, get started with the Work Sign app below. Create your own sign in sheet registry, setup hardware on site and start signing in new employees, visitors, returning staff and contractors.

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