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5 Reasons You Need to Improve Your Visitor Management System

Is your front desk personnel always overwhelmed signing in visitors? Are the visitors frustrated that the process takes too long and wastes time? Have you had instances where retrieving data is close to impossible? If your answer to any or all of these questions is yes, then, you are in the right place. It is time to digitize your visitor management system.

A visitor management system is a tracking system used in hospitals, schools, office buildings, on sites, etc. It records a visitor's arrival at the premises, the duration of the visit, their whereabouts while at the premises and time of signing out. Having a proper visitor management system ensures seamless monitoring and efficient evacuation of visitors in case of an emergency.

Receiving and signing in visitors can be tedious and cumbersome, especially when done manually. The process is time-consuming and frustrating to both the visitor and front desk employee.

Sometimes it would require the hiring of extra employees to manage the situation, which may, unfortunately, be costly and still less effective. Manual admission of visitors is burdensome and does not give a great first impression of the organization.

Digitalizing your visitor management system is an excellent way of ensuring accurate and prompt referencing. Let's discuss this further, shall we?

Here are our top five reasons why you should consider improving your visitor management system.

1. Enhanced security

For any business operation to succeed, security is a vital aspect. A manual visitor sign-in may be inaccurate or illegible which may compromise the safety of the site; as a way to combat these challenges, it is essential to invest in a digitalized visitor management system which records vast information about the visitation. The information is recorded and stored in the web cloud which comes in handy especially during an investigation. Here are a few critical details captured by these systems which significantly boosts security in the facility.

- Accurate sign in and out: records the exact time and date the visitor walks in on-site, duration of their visit and the time they leave. In case future issues arise, it is easy to pinpoint the exact people present during the time in question, hence speeding up the process.
- Visitor badges: as part of the digital sign-in process, the particulars of the visitor such as time of entry, their name, photo, fingerprint, the name of the employee they want to see, etc., are recorded and instantly printed as a badge. The visitor should conspicuously wear this badge throughout their visit for easy identification.
- Close monitoring of movements within the premises: the digital systems control and monitor the visitor movements within the facility. It improves security as the visitor can only access specific areas. The badge has an expiration period, hence managing the duration which the visitor can access the premises.

2. Easy setup and retrieval of data

Digital visitor management system entails the use of software, into which the visitor populates their details. As long as the software is synchronized correctly on the system, it is easy to use and does not require specialized personnel to operate. These systems are customizable to suit the unique requirement of each facility. Different organizations need different information about their visitors depending on the sensitivity of their operations. Some might even require a visitor to sign a digital non-disclosure agreement form (NDA) upon their visit.

It is easy to retrieve the visitor information whenever the need to review the visitor history arises. Also, on subsequent visits, the visitor can pull their data without the need for new registration upon each visit.

3. Real-time notifications

Investing in a visitor management system that prompts a particular employee on their guest arrival is a great touch. The arrival notification can be in the form of email or SMS which are sent directly to the hosting employee.

The use of digital sign enables the employee to give prompt response to the visitation, in case they are not available to receive their visitor, they have the option to decline the visit, delegate meeting to the next best alternative, or can reschedule the meeting. The real-time response not only saves time but also helps reduce on-site idling.

4. Prompt evacuation during an emergency

The digital visitor management system comes in handy in case of a fire, hazard or any other emergency that requires eviction from the site. Such that it easy to know the exact people who are within site during the crisis.

Also, during the eviction, it is easy to track the location of the visitors which could save a life.
The ability to account for each person on-site is critical during emergencies which reduces the number of casualties.

For preparedness, all staff should undergo health and safety training to equip them with skills for emergencies.

5. Accessibility of data remotely

The visitor information stored in a cloud server; can be accessed from anywhere and at any time. Meaning that you can log in to check the visitor traffic even when you are not at work. Hence enabling you to be in charge despite your absence. You can also cancel meetings remotely when you are not available.

The manual visitor management system is a thing in the past, embrace digitalization to enjoy the good things technology has to offer.

Adding a reliable digital visitor management system on-site provides smart workplace solutions. Helping save time, monitor visitors closely and improving overall security on the site.

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