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Published 07/05/2023

Reception Sign In System: Tips, Guide and Setup

In today's digital world, where personal data control is given back to an individual, sign in systems are quickly replacing the old sign-in books in many educational centers and businesses. They are a more efficient and effective way of ensuring that the students and staff are at school or work on time. They also create an excellent first impression for the visitors and minimize the administration time for the reception staff.

The use of sign-in books, which are often left open for anybody to look at when waiting in reception for a particular meeting, will no longer be required. Instead, new tools such as QR Code check in systems, visitor badge systems, electronic sign in systems and sign in apps are modernising workplaces.

Overview of what you might include in a Reception Sign In System

- Easy self-sign-in process
- You can capture photos and signatures.
- Pre-registers visitors for express entry
- Prints visitors badges with a photo, QR code, or logo for quick sign-outs
- SMS/Email notifications
- Cloud-based admin grants access to visitor information anywhere at any time.

The system involves a touchscreen placed in the reception area that welcomes and prompts visitors, staff, or students to sign in to the business or premises quickly. The daily site access is made a simple process as the receptionists can administer these systems with ease.

Reception sign-in systems are connected to a printer and webcam that enable the reception staff to capture a photo of any visitor and print out an ID badge, which will also be used to sign out. In order to make the visitors' sign-in process faster, the system is pre-populated and even remembers the details of regular visitors, which saves time when signing in.

The advanced sign-in systems allow visitors, students, and staff to sign in directly, then the person they are coming to visit is automatically notified even without the receptionist's input. A cloud-based sign-in system is one sure way of ensuring compliance while knowing whoever is in the organization at a given time. These systems usually lock down the data for every individual and can only be accessed by the individual or staff that need to process the data.

Some of the benefits of a reception sign-in system:

- Identification of anybody entering the workplace
- Creates a secure workplace for all the organization's stakeholders
- Curbs the demand for a 24/7 front desk officer

The system automatically timestamps the sign-in process; therefore, no clocks are required to write down sign-in and sign-out time. It has a secure database that's usually used by the receptionists to manage, search, and also print out reports of staff and visitors. After the sign-in process, a simple notification is sent to inform the specific staff that their visitor has arrived.

Prescreening For COVID-19

During these unprecedented COVID-19 times, visitor management systems have become the topic of the day. They not only allow contactless sign-in for visitors replacing traditional logbooks, but they also provide an opportunity to monitor workers sign-in for health and safety purposes to create a more connected workplace.

A critical precautionary process is pre-screening everybody arriving at the workplace for COVID-19 risks or fever history. Visitor management systems have been integrated with screening features and contact tracing tools to help in avoiding unnecessary contacts through self-serve sign in and also providing questionnaire tools asking the visitor about their current health status, recent travels, and exposure.

These are the common covid-19 pre-screening questions:

- Have you had a sore throat in the last 14 days?
- Do you have or have had a cough within the last 14 days?
- Have you had a fever in the past 14 days?
- Have you experienced shortness of breath in the last 14 days?
- Have you traveled from overseas in the past 14 days?
- Have you been exposed to anybody who tested positive for covid-19 in the last 14 days?

Visitor management systems are generally vital for stemming the spread of COVID-19. When a high-risk person enters the workplace, all staff and workers are instantly alerted and the necessary measures taken accordingly.

The manual systems are not entirely safe, and the touchless systems were introduced to streamline the visitor check-ins and make them safer and touch-free. The visitors use their smartphones for check-ins instead of using the available tablet. They use a QR code scan to reduce the use of hands tapping the tablet screen minimizing the potential spread of the virus. The host will then approve or disapprove the visitor upon notification.

Keep your visitors and the organization's stakeholders safe with the contactless sign-in features from the reception in a tablet app. Reception sign-in systems weren't designed to supplant the receptionist or assist them to improve their job. Having a visitor management system at the front work area enables visitors to sign in and get their visitor identifications, and their host is consequently notified. Apart from welcoming visitors, your assistant can take care of various obligations, expanding efficiency!

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