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Published 05/05/2023

Visitor Badge System: What is it and how to setup

Have you ever been in an office where visitors wear identifiable badges? If so, then chances are you have seen a visitor badge system. A visitor badge system is a way for security to monitor who enters the premises and make sure that only authorized people gain access.

In the modern age of heightened security, businesses and organizations often require visitors to check-in with special identification prior to entering their premises. These identification cards often come in the form of badges which are worn on one's clothing or hung from a lanyard around their neck; making it easy for guards to identify those who do not belong on the property.

Visitor badge systems typically utilize technology such as RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) or NFC (Near Field Communication) tracking tags carried by each person wearing an ID tag, allowing them uninterrupted access into different areas depending upon their level of clearance given by individual employers or management staff. When scanned at entry points throughout the building, data can be logged regarding when individuals arrived and exited - providing foolproof records if needed during investigations later down the line!

Example Visitor Badge System

Check out this preview of how a visitor badge system can work, from sign in registry of who is on site through to printing stickers, setting up different hardware options through to card management and designing different badge types for different staff roles (visitors, contractors, employees).

View a Sample Visitor Badge System

Visitor Identification and Verification of Sign in

The modern workplace needs to stay ahead of the times in terms of security, and visitor sign-in systems are a great way to achieve this. By implementing a system where everyone who comes into your office must sign in, it helps enhance security against any unwanted visitors getting access and lets you keep track of people who are coming and going onsite.

One added advantage is that not only do these systems help with identity verification but they can also assign digital passes which give authorised personnel fast entrance into sites. Digital passes mean no more wasted time at the front desk signing in or verifying documents every single visit; staff members entering can just swipe their pass as they arrive and head straight into work! This increases business efficiency objectively by eliminating dead time spent waiting in line for permission to enter premises.

Issue Colour Coded Badges

Whether it's visitors, staff or contractors, isse specific colour coded badges for easy identification of each staff type. Printed as stickers, issued as a digital card or pass or setup a physical card issue system (commonly RFID cards), there are an array of options for managing sign in badges for the workplace.

Check out our example badge setup and creation options

Why it's important to issue visitor badges

Whether you're hosting events or managing visitors at your workplace, the security of having a record of who has come in and out is vital. It takes mere minutes to ensure that everyone signs in with a visitor badge before they enter any area they are not permitted to access. Here's what you need to know about setting up the process for yourself.

By implementing a visitor badge system, monitoring who enters what areas of your property will become both efficient and accurate! Visitors identities can quickly be verified while simplifying entrance procedures overall - granting them entry only into areas they're allowed; increasing safety standards across any venue significantly!

Maintaining a digital registry of who is onsite allows organizations to quickly identify visitors coming into their buildings and register their movements as they come in from outside. This helps security personnel identify any potential threat actors or unauthorized persons, keeping everyone safe when inside or near the building. It also serves as a way for management to be aware of all those within the premises at any given time should emergencies arise requiring evacuation procedures.

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