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Construction Site Attendance: App, Registry and Setup

A site attendance system is valuable managerial tool especially on a construction site that enable workers to clock in or out through electronic or manual means, typically via a mobile app on a tablet or phone. It's essential to record employee and contractor attendance at the construction site for the success of the project. Recording site attendance is known to help in:
- Ensuring easy onsite attendance management, easily track absenteeism and spot latecomers immediately
- Improves accuracy, security, and safety
- Making sure the workers are who they claim to be when they change job tasks or clock in and out
- Control worker irregularities; Elimination of buddy punching and time theft
- Managing payroll issues that may arise if there is a mixture of hourly and salaried workers in the site
- Faster response to unusual situations

What could go wrong when you don't manage site attendance?

Construction sites not only have to manage the large workforce but also must constantly adjust to all new workers in every location. They also must be in a position to prepare the necessary work schedules to meet the needs of the project, keep track of the working and overtime hours, and the vacation time for every worker from the site.
Failure to do construction site attendance recording often results in: - Wastage of time and money
- Payroll errors
- Poor overtime management
- Frequent absenteeism and workers coming late to the site
- Poor communication
- Inability to control the construction site and workers on it during emergencies

What are some of the challenges of recording site attendance on remote construction sites for contractors and subcontractors?

There are usually specific challenges that contractors and subcontractors managing remote construction site workforce deal with, unlike in the other industries. Weak attendance systems in remote areas make work more complicated to the contractors if they can't correctly monitor who's leaving/entering or working overtime and who's absent.

These challenges include:
- Many absences and leave requests; Running several sites at once in a given time is a challenge to contractors as they have to ensure that not too many workers are off at once to prevent disruption of the project schedules and progress.
- A problem in knowing where a remote worker is clocking in from and the payment rates for the workers
- Multiple entry points. Many remote construction sites have several points of entry that discourage the effective use of standard recording systems.
- Inaccuracy due to lack of a systemized attendance recording; With manual management, there will be a risk of human errors and frequent forgetfulness, which slows down the construction project.
- A mixture of skilled and unskilled workers; This forces the construction firm to rely on traditional forms of management that expose the organization to legal issues, safety problems, or financial leakages. The time-consuming manual methods tend to be inaccurate, and attendances are, in many cases, falsified.
- In remote sites, wired connectivity may be unavailable or prove to be very expensive, leaving only one option at hand, the use of standalone site attendance systems such as the stamping machine, which requires a lot of space and electricity to function.

Using a site mobile attendance app

Being able to track attendance and time effectively is one of the critical objectives of construction firms and using a site mobile attendance app is a modern and effective way to achieve this. The Work Sign app enables contractors to monitor and effectively control the attendance of all the workers in a given construction site for the management of a crisis.

The app has a robust management system that gives the site managers the ability to control more than one site at once and deliver detailed reports of every worker's availability at a particular time and place.

See how the Work Sign site attendance app works

The features of this app includes:
- Record worker attendance on arrival and departure at the site with a real timestamp
- Select the location of the construction site
- View lists of all the attendees in a particular construction site
- Addition of new construction sites using the app
- Automatic registration of all addresses from GPS coordinates

All these features are always critical during emergency or evacuation situations. It becomes vital to obtain the necessary details to know those who have already evacuated and any worker stuck in the construction site.

The app automatically records information such as:
- Real-time and date of every data entry
- The user name of the individual using the app
- The serial number of the device in use
- The GPS position where the data recording is done

There is a complete record of all the construction site workers and no use of paper-based timesheets for them when using a construction site app as all the data and working hours are appropriately documented.

Try the Work Sign Construction Site Attendance App

For a look at houw the Work Sign app can manage site attendance on a construction site, register here:

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