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What to know about Visitor Sign In Systems

It all starts with identifying which role types you are signing in and where you are signing them in. Do you have visitors to sign in at reception or contractors who need to sign in to site?

Once you've identified what role types you are signing in, then we can work out how you want to sign them in and what requirements you need to look at for that.

If they are a visitor, you ideally want something quick and fast to sign them in. Who are they, where are they from, who are they visiting?

Do you need to issue them a card or sticker? Are there important policies, site requirements they need to be aware of or an induction they need to do?

If they are a contractor, do you need them to do a comprehensive contractor induction before they arrive on site?

Can you track which site they checked in to?

Can you quickly sign in repeat visitors and contractors from their induction card?

Answering these questions will help you identify which type of sign in system to establish for your workplace and what sort of implementation you need

We've conducted research on workplaces to examine the differences between paper based and digital based sign in systems and in every case the sign in process was substantially enhanced by implementing a digital based system especially when tied to mobile devices.

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